Menu Plan Monday: August 2012, Part 2

Well, I survived my summer term!!!! I just don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself now for a few weeks. 🙂 Wait, yes I do… get out of the lazy cooking rut I’ve been in.

I’m really working hard with what little spare time I have to bring in more whole grains and experiment a little bit with the veggies and flavors that I introduce to the kiddos. Boo is SO picky that I make little headway, but Moo will try just about anything once. suitNtie and I just try to make healthy choices. This half of the month the budget is tight (AGAIN) due to school shopping and birthdays and registrations and the like, so meatless dishes will help us stretch our money.

15.  salmon teriyaki – NEW!
16. quinoa hot pot – NEW! I found this one in the BJ’s Wholesale club flyer…love random recipes.
17. suitNtie and I are actually going out on a date. Shocking!
18. TBD: we are at a family BBQ
19. homemade pizza night
20.  spicy noodles and crispy pork (yum woon sen) – I have been DYING to try this.  -NEW
21. Nana’s chicken soup
22. FFY Buffet
23. Cranberry chicken with brown rice – NEW, it’s from Don’t Panic, Dinner’s in the Freezer
24. sammies, since I’m working so hard the following day.
25.  suitNtie’s birthday celebration. Cooking some Mexican for a small crowd – carne guisada and homemade tortillas, cheese quesadillas for the kiddos.
26. FFY Buffet
27. BFD: eggs, bacon, homefried potatoes
28. Beans & Cornbread (From The Pioneer Woman Cooks)
29. Boo’s first day of Kindergarten!  We’ll make this one a Boo’s Choice night.
30. chicken fricassee (made with leftovers from the 21st, so see that post for instructions)
31. FFY – I am out with friends.