Menu Plan Monday: November 2012, Part 1

As I post this, I am studying for my exam tomorrow, cozy and prepared for Sandy’s decent on us tomorrow and hoping that we don’t see too much damage from the storm! I made my last minute trip to the store yesterday for what constitutes as necessities in our house: milk, peanut butter, Craisins, Crystal Light Fruit Punch and Triscuits. But the man behind me had his emergency stash of beer on the belt, so I felt like I looked much more practical. Oh, well.

In any case, November is a very busy month for me. My syllabus alone is rough: half of the semester’s exams take place this month- blech. Add into that Thanksgiving, Moo’s birthday and holiday shopping, and it just starts to descend into madness.

Thus, it’s mostly repeats this month, with one or two newbies. I am still trying to bring in more meatless, yet protein-rich, options. And seafood. Seafood is one area I am still having trouble with- it’s very hard to meal plan when you don’t necessarily know what’s on sale for fish, and you can’t re-freeze “previously frozen at sea” stuff. Plus, I don’t eat shellfish. So we are basically down to haddock, salmon, tilapia and swordfish. Sigh. If I can get my hands on some fish this week, this meal plan may adjust a bit to accomodate.

1. Crockpot Mediterranean Chicken
2. Pizza Night: Margherita
3. Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas (NEW!)
4. Sunday Dinner: Pasta with Roasted Butternut, Brown Butter & Sage (NEW!)
5. School Night: FFY Buffet
6. Get out and VOTE! 🙂 Seven Layer Tortilla Pie (NEW! based on this, but I’ll be tweaking it a bit)
7. School Night: French Dip Sammies
8. BFD: Omelettes, Bacon, Homefries
9. Turkey Melt Sammies
10. FFY Buffet
11. Sunday Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie
12. School Night: Comfort food. PB&Js and Pirate Booty ☺ I have an exam.
13. BBQ Meatballs
14. School Night: whole wheat pancakes and sausage
15. salad with craisins, goat cheese and pecans

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  1. Aww the family is way cute! The five must keep you SUPER busy, how do you have time to make all your cute cinotraes plus blog and chase after these guys?

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