A pre-thanksgiving birthday celebration

So, Moo, our littlest member of the Kitchen, is having a birthday. Sadly, the way the calendar falls this year, she’s sharing the week with Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving prep and my normal work flow with classes and housework, it’s a hectic time for party planning.

I chose to have it outside the home, at Moo’s ballet studio. A nice, mid-afternoon party, so I didn’t have to worry about serving anything substantial and I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with ideas to fit the theme: a Nutcracker “Sweet” birthday.

I served up:

The Mouse King’s Favorite Cheese and Crackers
Clara’s Carrots, Cucumbers & Dip
Pirouettes (deli turkey and herbed cream cheese spread on a wrap, rolled up, and then sliced into 1-inch disks)
“Sweet” and Sour Kielbasa (recipes for this abound across the internet, but mine is simply three rings of turkey kielbasa, 1 32 oz. jar grape jelly, and 3 jars of chili sauce)
Melted Snowflakes (bottled water)
Sugar Plum Fairy Punch (Fruitables Fruit Punch)

chocolate dipped pretzel "drumsticks"     Rice Krispy "Snowballs"           …and of course a few sugary delights for the Land of Sweets. 🙂  We had cupcakes (in lieu of a cake), “snowballs” (powdered-sugar dusted rice krispy treat balls), candy canes, chocolate dipped Oreo cookies and pretzel rods.

I sent the children home with little bags that they filled with goodies and a small Nutcracker ornament. Not bad for the time I had to devote to it, and the most important part: the kids had a great time.  Success!