Menu Plan Monday: December 2012, Part 1 (AKA “The Aftermath”)

I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s just say that the Thanksgiving bounty was such that it blew away my last meal plan. Honestly, we worked and reworked leftovers like it was our job…for about a week. Gah.

Which is great, really, because it reduces my budget for this period, although it means y’all have to suffer through some repeats. Sorry about that!  However, it’s a great time of year for being a little fiscally conservative, so I’ll take it.

  1. rigatoni & meatballs with homemade garlic bread (sauce from freezer)
  2. Sunday Dinner: FFY Buffet (hosting a large potluck study group all afternoon)
  3. School Night: corn & kielbasa chowder with crusty bread
  4. French Night: roasted, pulled chicken with baguette, cheese and grapes (and maybe a glass of wine for me, if I’m feeling festive)
  5. School Night: suitNtie and kids out at a birthday party and dinner is served there
  6. Orange Beef Lettuce Wraps  (freezer meal!)
  7. Dijon Turkey Melts (grilled cheeses for kiddos)
  8. suitNtie and I are out with friends for my birthday celebration. Kids: hot dogs!
  9. Sunday Dinner: baked stuffed chicken breasts
  10. School Night: crockpot chicken cacciatore
  11. FFY Buffet
  12. School Night: Final Exam night. Cross your fingers for me. BFD: waffles and sausage.
  13. Pizza Night: English Muffin
  14. crockpot beef stroganoff
  15. FFY: suitNtie and I are out at his company holiday party