Menu Plan Monday: December 2012, Part 2

16. Sunday Dinner: broiled haddock
17. Rigatoni & Meatballs
18. low fat Kentucky Hot Browns
19. chicken, black bean and tomato quinoa (adapted from here)
20. kielbasa, caramelized onions & yellow rice
21. FFY buffet
22. BFD: omelettes and toast
23. Sunday Dinner: early Christmas celebration… I’m making strawberry cheesecakes and garlic bread to the feast!
24. Happy Christmas Eve! Our contribution to the feast of Seven Fishes tonight: Christmas Eve Haddock and strawberry Grand Marnier cheesecakes.
25. Merry Christmas! Beef Wellington (from my Gourmet cookbook, a good link is here), the Captain’s Caprese Salad, potatoes grandmere and some veggies TBD.
26. Recovery. FFY Buffet.
27. BFD: waffles, sausage and eggs
28. sloppy joes & French fries
29. pizza night: margherita
30. Sunday Dinner: pasta e fagioli
31. Taking the kiddos out to a restaurant for their kids’ NYE celebration. I’m treating myself to a little Chinese later on!