Menu Plan Monday: February 2013, Part 1

Yes, I know.

The meal plan for the second half of January didn’t get posted. Let’s just say I was a bit of a hot mess. And it was WAY more stressful to be flying by the seat of my pants than it would have been to sit the heck down and plan, but I couldn’t get my act together. It was horrible.

But now I’m back. Without further ado, the meal plan. Such joy. 🙂

3. Sunday Dinner: The Kitchen’s Perfect Chili
4. School Night (Exam Night, even): FFY buffet
5. chef salads
6. hot dogs and oven fries
7. School Night: crockpot beef stroganoff
8. chicken tacos
9. Pizza Night: margherita
10. Sunday Dinner: peanut butter pork tenderloin
11. School Night: FFY buffet
12. grilled turkey melts
13. roast beef with slow cooked tomatoes and garlic
14. Happy Valentine’s Day! School Night: french dip sandwiches
15. BFD: pancakes and bacon