Menu Plan Monday: September 2013, Part 1

we’re back! After an unintentional summer hiatus, fall arrived with the quickness. Boo is back in school already, and Moo and I are back right after Labor Day. And my schedule has changed (more on that later), so there are no longer “school nights,” making the evening meal harder to put together.

I can report that I spent way too much money this summer on groceries, did you? Meal planning is really a necessity in my house. It’s one small way I can reduce our costs and help reallocate money I might waste on groceries towards things like…Christmas. Oh boy, I didn’t want to go there yet, but ’tis almost the season. In the words of the wise Rafiki from the Lion King, “It is time.”

Without further adieu, the meal plan.  I did add a few more dishes into the repertoire this summer and one of them you see there on the 3rd. It’s not a scratch recipe, this is more something REALLY tasty that goes together super fast with premade things from the supermarket, so don’t get worked up.

  1. FFY: we are at an anniversary party.
  2. Happy Labor Day!  Grillin’ and chillin’.  (i.e. hot dogs and salad)
  3. Moo’s first day of school!  Chicken tortellini with low-cal alfredo
  4. My first day of school!  LF chicken & dumplings
  5. BFD:  French toast and eggs
  6. Pork cutlets with sautéed apples
  7. Family Dinner Night:  Boiled dinner
  8. FFY buffet
  9. Kielbasa with rice and onions
  10. Corn & kielbasa chowder
  11.  crockpot Mediterranean chicken
  12.  hot turkey sandwiches with mashed
  13. BFD:  omelettes and toast
  14. family visiting: TBD
  15. FFY buffet