because the best laid plans…

So, as I mentioned in the last meal planning post, over the summer I discovered a few really nice premade items that I’m stocking for emergencies. Emergencies being those situations that seem to come up where the plan just isn’t getting done that day, for whatever reason. I try to make our meals from scratch but there are times that it doesn’t work out.

One thing that went over like CRAZY this summer was a package of herb chicken tortellini by Bertolli, and a jar of Classico Light Romano Alfredo. With salad. It’s guilt free alfredo. Everyone wins!

Another partial emergency is a new marinade I discovered: Maui Mountain Teriyaki by World Harbors. I am NOT a pineapple fan. However, I tried this in a pinch with a cut of London Broil. I also broke all the rules of marinating and put it in the fridge in a freezer bag on a Friday night and didn’t cook it until Sunday dinner (yeah, meant to do Saturday, but oops). But…you must. You must try this. It was amazing, right from the broiler in my toaster oven. Easily the best London Broil I’ve ever had. I’ve made it a few times since. You seriously must over marinate it.

I’m beginning to try stir-frys. I find a lot of premade sauces have a ton of crap in them that i’m not interested in adding to the family diet, so i’ve steered clear.  There are some funky ingredients in premade sauces these days, and while I am not the strictest of chef of all natural, organic, etc., I do make an effort to reduce what we take in.  I buy jellies for PB & J without HFCS, for example, and all natural peanut butter.  I’m trying to bring in more whole grains like quinoa, too.  I have been buying grass feed beef for a while now, as well, from a local farm.  It’s baby steps, people.

But we still hit up McDonalds every now and then. Hey, it happens. 🙂 But back to the stir frys… i found a great page listing a ton of simple recipes for sauces and i’m kind of starting there and branching off as appropriate.

So tell me… what do you keep around for “state of emergency” last minute meals?