Menu Plan Monday: November 2013, Part 1

the best laid plans…how many times have I typed that one out here. 😉

I ran out of some much needed supplies during the last menu plan, so we had some changes.  A few new things were tried (black beans and sausage, lemony garlic crockpot chicken, etc.), and those posts will come, so bear with me if you see similar items on this menu plan.  I am a bit behind on making posts for the new things I’ve tried, but they’re coming!  November is going to be an extremely busy month; i’m beginning some training for work that will be 5-9pm Monday through Friday until Thanksgiving. Obviously this throws a huge wrench into dinner plans.  Let’s see what happens…


  1. FFY Buffet
  2. Cleopatra chicken (NEW- leftover from last meal plan…sorry!)
  3. Sunday:  BFD:  Chomp-lettes (what we’re calling cheese omelettes), toast, homefries.
  4. spaghetti carbonara
  5. rigatoni with beef and arugula (NEW!) yes, apparently we’re bulking up with the pasta, sigh.
  6. FFY Buffet
  7. crockpot chicken with wild rice and mushrooms
  8. meatball subs
  9. pizza night: plain cheese with homemade crust
  10. Sunday:  Maui marinated london broil
  11. chicken pot pie
  12. FFY Buffet
  13. vitamix minestrone soup
  14. hot dogs and auntie joanne’s mac-n-cheese
  15. quesadilla bar