Menu Plan Monday: December 2013, Part 2

The mad dash to the holidays and then the New Year. 🙂

16. chicken & cheese quesadillas
17. tortellini alfredo
18. taco bar!
19.  grilled chicken salads
20.  FFY Buffet
21. spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread, salad…holiday celebration with my family!
22.  BFD: bacon, eggs, pancakes.
23.  hot dogs with  Annie’s macaroni and cheese. It’s totes a comfort food day.
24. Feast of Seven Fishes! Tons of yummy things, including my contribution of Christmas Eve haddock and of course, strawberry grand mariner cheesecakes.
25. Merry Christmas!  Beef Wellingtons with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes, the Captain’s caprese, dessert TBD.
26. recovery day. Grilled cheeses.  With leftover veggies if I can convince the kids to eat it.
27. chicken noodle casserole
28. celebrating a birthday with good friends. TBD.
29. pizza night: margherita
30.  Nana’s chicken soup
31.  probably taking the kids out to a kid friendly restaurant celebration.