Menu Plan Monday: January 2014, Part 1

Happy New Year!!! (in a few days)

Starting off 2014 with  a challenge. suitNtie will be in charge of the Kitchen for a  whole week (gasp).  Looking forward to seeing how this goes. 🙂

more to come later in the month with regards to goals for 2014 in the Kitchen.

1. FFY Buffet of the second best kind: chinese. 🙂
2. turkey clubs with french fries
3. tortellini en brodo
4. lazy tasty crockpot pot roast
5. chicken noodle casserole
6. BFD: waffles & sausage
7. quesadilla bar
8. chicken & apples
9. hot dogs, baked beans & oven fries
10. Dad’s night off 🙂 TBD!
11. English muffin pizzas
12. FFY
13. pulled chicken wraps
14. baked haddock with broccoli & rice pilaf
15. peanut butter pork tenderloin