Menu Plan Monday: February 2014, Part 1

a few new recipes here, and I know i’m way behind on posting the ones I’ve tried recently. I’m trying, I promise…January was complete craziness. 🙂 I did take pictures of several of them and i’m working on a new gallery widget for the site, too. Lest you think I am just being lazy…

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes research on more marathon freezer cooking as well. Lots of paging through “Once a Month Cooking” sort of things, but it’s tempered by some other projects I am working on (how to completely remove deli meat from our household, decreasing the sodium usage, moving away from processed foods), so I find that a lot of things need modifications. And that’s assuming everyone likes the vegetables and textures involved (Yes, Boo, I’m talking about you).  So, it’s a work in progress. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the results soon.

But, we still have to eat while I figure out how we’re going to go forward. Here’s the first part of February.

1. slow cooker chipotle-maple shredded beef with smashed sweet potatoes (NEW!)
2. lasagna flowers (Kids in the Kitchen! NEW!)
3. FFY Buffet…I have an exam the next day. 🙁
4. comfort food night…hot dogs and homemade baked beans (NEW!)
5. butternut squash & arugula salad (NEW!)
6. BFD: omelettes & toast
7. chicken lettuce wraps (NEW!)
8. FFY Buffet
9. maui marinated london broil
10. maple dijon pork tenderloin
11. chicken wraps & fries
12. BFD: biscuits & gravy! (a good reference minus gravy recipe…here.)
13. teriyaki salmon
14. Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re having heart shaped whole wheat banana pancakes and bacon. Because nothing says love like bacon.
15. mac and cheese for kids…suitNtie and are out for Valentine’s Day dinner.