Menu Plan Monday: April 2014, Part 1

a bit late (shocking, I know).  Lots of things going on, but I don’t want to let the meal plan fall by the wayside…it will only make everything else worse!

3. BFD: bacon, eggs, homefries & toast.
4. shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches and oven fries
5. maui marinated london broil
6. Sunday Dinner: tortellini alfredo with chicken and broccoli
7. baked chicken
8. lazy pot roast!
9. chicken & biscuits
10. pot roast tacos or quesadillas (for Boo)
11. FFY Buffet
12. BFD: waffles and sausage!
13. Sunday Dinner: baked haddock with lemon and herbs
14. chicken milanese
15. pizza night: english muffin!