Menu Plan Monday: September 2014, Part 1

Late! I feel like the Mad Hatter. Back to school is complete, though!

6. BFD: buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs and homefries!
7. Sunday Dinner:  baked chicken caprese, green beans from the garden, rice pilaf.
8.  turkey club sammies with oven fries.
9.  1st After-School Activity (ASA) night of the year (and our parental career, really): marinated london broil, broccoli, rice (I’m making the rice the day before, because rice, annoyingly, always takes 12 hours to cook)
10.  2nd ASA night: hot dogs on the grill, baked beans, salad.
11.  Mexican night! tacos or quesadillas.  Yellow rice & black beans.
12. family movie night:  Matilda!  grilled cheeses, apple sauce & popcorn.
13. TBD:  we are celebrating a new home purchase for friends at an open house party.
14.  have friends coming over for the Patriots game.  So game food of some sort… chicken tenders, baked potato skins.. still working that one out.
15.  FFY buffet