Menu Plan Monday: October 2015, Part 2

Yes, it’s been over a year since the last post. How horrifying.  But so many things have happened in a year…too much to type here (baby steps! ah, the pun), but this is the first step.

I’m so very happy to be getting back to a semi-normal routine.  Meal planning keeps me sane… feel very out of control when I’m not aware of what’s going on in my kitchen.
17. PTA event at school… so pizza and hot dogs while there.
18. Beth’s baked drumsticks
19. asian stuffed cabbage rolls (NEW!)
20. FFY Buffet
21. chicken sausage with tomatoes and gnocchi
22. pulled pork sammies
23. chicken lo mein
24. BFD: BEC on english muffin
25. Patriots @ 1pm – so it’s a GFG (Game Food Graze) night
26. honey garlic chicken
27. Oktoberfest: pork schnitzel and German apple cake for dessert
28. FFY Buffet
29. BFD: ham and spinach hash
30. rigatoni and meatballs
31. Happy Halloween! Mummy dogs

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