Menu Plan Monday: November 2015, Part 2

Never posted the first half… oops.

Anyway, moving on…
14. BFD: cheese omelettes, sausage and homefries with toast.
15. Sunday Family Dinner : Patriots are playing over dinner. Game food in front of the TV… chicken nuggets, pulled pork sammies, veggies & dip.
16. FFY Buffet
17. maple dijon pork tenderloin, rice, green beans
18. pizza night: english muffin!
19. happy 2nd birthday, Lucy! Lucy, our youngest puppy, is having a hamburger cake with mashed potato frosting. We are having hamburgers, salad, and oven fries.
20. BFD: waffles & bacon
21. Happy Birthday, Moo! After her spa birthday party here at the house, dinner is Moo’s choice: this year, it’s roasted chicken, with Auntie Jo’s mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and broccoli, with dinner rolls and a sparkly BIRTHDAY CAKE. 🙂
22. kielbasa and potato skillet
23. shredded beef enchiladas
24. FFY Buffet
25. hot dogs, baked beans, tots. Nom.
26. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m contributing dinner rolls, green beans, roasted pearl onions, cinnamon buns and Moo is making yummy cupcakes that look like turkeys. Pinterest is my downfall.
27. Black Friday. The best FFY day of the entire year.
28. BBQ meatballs
29. Friendsgiving celebration! 🙂 Still deciding on what I’m making, so TBD.
30. chicken croquettes – someday I really need to make my own post on this, because they are so.damn.good.  It’s only been like 8 years. Same thing with the pulled pork from the 15th. Oy.