Sam’s Crockpot Pulled Pork


This post has been years in the making. Which makes it all the more annoying since it has three ingredients.


My friend Sam made this for me once (after a baby? when we had a loss in the family? I can’t quite remember) and I begged her for the recipe. Totally shocked when she told me. The beef broth really gives it a smokier flavor. I was super impressed.

SO. Here you are. You may want to double this. We use it in sammies. We use it in quesadillas. We use it in burritos. WE LIKE IT ON SALAD. I like it with eggs. YES. I love it long time.

1 box high quality, low sodium or unsalted beef stock/broth (I like Kitchen Basics)
2 regular size packages of boneless, country style pork ribs
1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce of choice, or shoot… make your own and be more impressive than me.

I throw the stock/broth and the pork ribs in, hit that crockpot to low, and go do something for about 7-8 hours while I dream about the sandwiches I’m gonna eat.

When it’s ready, I take out about 1/3 c of the cooking liquid and set it aside, before I drain the pork in a colander. It will already be falling apart, but you’ll want to help it along in a mixing bowl, where you mix in as much BBQ sauce as you like.

If you’re feeling sassy, pick up a can of chipotle in adobo. puree a chipotle or two and mix it in your bbq sauce (or spread it on your roll of choice for your sammie). It’s REALLY good if you take a little bit (leave it dry without bbq), and use it instead of canadian bacon on eggs benedict. Drizzle a little chipotle bbq over the pork before you put the egg on top. You’re welcome.

I personally like this with some shredded Mexican cheese on a big, bakery bulkie roll. YES.

Go forth and make this. And then you can come back and thank me. Me… I’m going to make two and hit the couch for the Patriots game. Nom nom nom.