Menu Plan Monday: February 2016, Part 2

The kids have made some executive decisions recently, looking for a bit more of a predictable dinner routine. They decided every Tuesday going forward shall be Taco Tuesday, followed by Waffle Wednesday (which may or may not include waffles, but must be a breakfast for dinner night). So we are in a bit of a lifestyle change at the moment.  It will be interesting to see how this develops!

19. crockpot pot roast
20. Nana’s chicken soup
21. FFY – we have a family celebration today, so we’ll be eating there.
22. vacation – Boo’s Salisbury steak meatballs
23. vacation – Taco Tuesday!
24. vacation – irish step – “waffle” Wednesday – aka BFD
25. vacation – spaghetti and meatballs
26. vacation – pizza night! Cheese.
27. chicken with brussels sprouts and butternut squash
28. orecchiete with mini chicken meatballs and garlic bread
29 suitntie’s half-birthday, once every four years, so the kiddos want to celebrate. TBD!
March 1 – Taco Tuesday!