sweet potatoes with a warm black bean salad

Found this one while exploring the internet one day. I was intrigued by the whole "microwave your entire meal" concept and I liked that it was [...]

2009 Holiday Basket Bonanza: Carriage House Granola

This is the third installment of the Kitchen’s 2009 Holiday Basket Bonanza (HBB). Last year, I started doing baskets for a few recipients on our holiday [...]

Nana’s Chicken Soup

4 split chicken breasts, boiled in stock for 20 minutes, cooled and then pulled off of bone into bite sized pieces 2 ribs celery, diced 4 carrots, sliced into [...]

Spinach and Ham Hash

This is a repeat recipe for us, even though it's not on the site (which is why I didn't label it as a repeat recipe QotD post). It's fabulous. Usually, I [...]

Wheatberry Salad with grilled chicken

I had a wheatberry salad a while back in a restaurant and I fell in love. Ever since, I've wanted to make one at home but the grocery stores that I shop in [...]

Romaine Pesto and Egg stuffed tomatoes

I have been looking forward to this one ever since I found the recipe. I have been looking for some new breakfast/brunch potluck ideas as well as some [...]

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Balsamic Chicken

You can get the recipe for the salad here. I added the chicken on my own to round it out. 1/2 (5-pound) seedless watermelon 1/4 cup balsamic [...]

Coq Au Vin (take 2)

I tried a Taste of Home recipe a month or so ago that didn't turn out well. I have hopes that this one will be better! 2  cups  [...]