Things I Covet

Things I Covet: Viking

I *really* want one of these. I was lucky enough that when we moved, I made the switch from electric to gas. I much prefer cooking on a gas stove.  However, [...]

Things I Covet: Fresh Herbs

Today's post is inspired by the three beautiful pots of herbs that my aunt sent up with my uncle for our family BBQ yesterday. (She also sent up some potatoes [...]

Things I Covet: Cabinet Slide Organizers

I LOVE THESE.  I lost so many pans to scratched, nicked surfaces. I still do. (I have to replace my nonstick currently)  Fortunately, the new kitchen has a [...]

Things I Covet: Gravy Whisk

So I bought this for my mom a few years back because she would always thicken gravy by using a fork to stir in roux. She brought it up with her for [...]

Things I Covet: Le Creuset

I've always loved Le Creuset, even before I realized how awesome they were and that they weren't just sexy as hell.  But, they are sexy... and they make [...]

Things I Covet: Stonewall Kitchen Chicken & Pork Rub

So seriously. This stuff is amazing.  I bought a jar randomly at a nearby farm while getting some fresh produce last summer because I thought it sounded [...]

FFY buffet day substitute post: Things I Covet

Basically, once a week I try to have a "FFY Buffet" day, also known as fend for yourself, or leftovers night. So, I won't be posting a recipe that day.  [...]