Menu Plan Monday (er, Friday): January 2011, Part 2

Our first full meal plan for 2011!  Cheers! Format is changing a smidge...I've tried weekly, and biweekly, but I will now be doing two menu plans a month [...]

and so I’m back…from outer space!

...and now I'll be singing the Weathergirls for the rest of the day. :) Oh, well. MGCK has had a bit of a drought. It was a perfect storm of events, for [...]

Coming soon…

We're almost ready to be back! :) The end of the kitchen reno is in sight! We started here (this picture is taken from my living room): we went to [...]

The Kitchen has moved…

and boy, is it SO much nicer. A little late on the blogging resuming (and you have my sincere apologies) but I must say that in my innocence, I had no idea [...]

the Kitchen is moving!

I know I had mentioned this in an earlier post, but as you can see by the lack of posts this past week, I just have no time to blog right now. We are moving [...]


As a resource for MGCK's readership, I'll be utilizing the "tags" feature here as a searchable index of ingredients. For example, if I were to make Chicken [...]