Menu Plan Monday: February 2016, Part 2

The kids have made some executive decisions recently, looking for a bit more of a predictable dinner routine. They decided every Tuesday going forward shall be Taco Tuesday, followed by Waffle Wednesday (which may or may not include waffles, but must be a breakfast for dinner night). So we are in a bit of a lifestyle change at the moment.  It will be [...]

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Menu Plan Monday: March 2014, Part 2

Back on my laptop, thank goodness. trying to blog post from an iPad sucks. :) Fun fact: I am actually, for the first time in many months, making this post on a Monday [...]

Menu Plan Monday: March 2014, Part 1

This post is a comedy of errors. 1.  I've had the meal plan done ( in my Kitchen notebook), but lost said notebook last week while grocery shopping.  I am about to put it on [...]

Menu Plan Monday: February 2014, Part 2

We are continually being buried by snowstorms. We may never dig out. Braving the grocery store today between storms...wish me luck. Testing out a few cook once, eat twice [...]

Menu Plan Monday: February 2014, Part 1

a few new recipes here, and I know i'm way behind on posting the ones I've tried recently. I'm trying, I promise...January was complete craziness. :) I did take pictures of [...]

Menu Plan Monday: January 2014, Part 2

16. cheese & cracker chicken (NEW!) 17. pizza night 18. tortellini alfredo 19. GO PATS! :) game food: sweet chile hot wings, baked black beans & chorizo, potato skins, [...]

Menu Plan Monday: January 2014, Part 1

Happy New Year!!! (in a few days) Starting off 2014 with  a challenge. suitNtie will be in charge of the Kitchen for a  whole week (gasp).  Looking forward to seeing how [...]

Menu Plan Monday: December 2013, Part 2

The mad dash to the holidays and then the New Year. :) 16. chicken & cheese quesadillas 17. tortellini alfredo 18. taco bar! 19.  grilled chicken salads 20.  FFY [...]

Menu Plan Monday: November 2013, Part 2

16. tacos and rice 17. FFY- I am gone all day today 18. grilled corn cakes with crispy ham 19. BFD: ham and spinach hash with eggs 20. turkey club sammies 21. Happy Birthday, [...]

Menu Plan Monday: November 2013, Part 1

the best laid many times have I typed that one out here. ;) I ran out of some much needed supplies during the last menu plan, so we had some changes.  A few new [...]

apricot-glazed pork loin

I tend to go straight to pork tenderloin 9/10 times that I'm thinking about making pork. And the blame for that can go to two recipes that I think ruined me for all other pork [...]