italian seasoning

Quinoa Hot Pot

So, I originally found this recipe in a mailer from BJ's Wholesale Club. Of course, all the ingredients for it were sold there, but I made some substitutions [...]

Italian Cold Cut Calzone

A pizza night alternate. :)  I feel like suitNtie could sing "My Favorite Things" to this calzone (well, if I added pepperoncinis and jalepenos to it).  [...]

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I don't sit and make a homemade sauce that often, because when I do, it's an all day affair. I grew up in an Irish family, but we still have our own sauce [...]


When I make lasagna, unless I'm expecting company, I make several of them at a time in the disposable aluminum bread loaf pans. I've found that those are the [...]